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Uppagus #25

Another publication from back in the mists of 2017 – this longer poem featured in Uppagus during a time when I evidently wasn’t checking my email carefully!

Three Poems by Rilke

These three translations of Rilke were in the pipeline to be published at Plume for a while, and apparently I missed the big event when it happened, so I’m posting them here now. Rilke can take the credit if they please, and I’ll take the blame if they don’t, etc.!

Big Lucks

Following a (seemingly) incredible long hiatus during which I was doing my first two years as a teacher, I am back! And just in time for the publication of one of my old stories, and one I’m particularly partial to, “Bud Powell, Composed in Four Elements”. It’s weird as hell and just posted at Big Lucks magazine. Hope you fine folks enjoy it. Here is a cool album cover, while you’re at it.


The Rotary Dial Issue 39

Hello old pals! It has been a long time since the last one of these. I am now a first-year English teacher and the publishing game has perceptibly slipped! Summer is coming soon, and I will be back on the horse. Here’s an oldish one that just came out in this month’s Rotary Dial. About Donald Rumsfeld. Kind of. You can get it here for a mere buck.

Also, as always, I love Canada. Thanks Canada

Elohi Gadugi Fall 2015

Beautiful day! Thanksgiving almost! Here’s a slim ornithological poem! Thanks! 584.

Enjoy the lovely cover art by Laurence Holden:

In the Mothering of All Things, 2015


Here‘s a slim little number that just went up as part of BALDHIP‘s latest issue. It’s a soppy one. Peace!

Small Po[r]tions Issue 5

New journal Small Po[r]tions just featured a pome of my in its fifth issue. Never thought the phrase “satan’s fiery chub” would make it into black and white! Merci, messieurs! See here to browse online content and purchase the print issue here.

Sakura Review Issue 6

Head to sakurareview.com to pick up a print copy of the latest issue, which features a little unmetred sonnet I wrote about a dark windy night. Mmm.

Lime Hawk Issue 6

New poem just went up as part of Lime Hawk‘s sixth issue. This one is dedicated to the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Over and out.

Issue [6]


This ‘un came out last month, chickadees: link. Thanks to the kind people at Pidgeonholes for publishing it. Props also to them for keeping archaic ways of spelling alive.