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Month: August, 2013

The 22 Magazine Blog

New poem now up in the online wing of The 22 Magazine:


Electric Windmill Issue 7

The guys at Electric Windmill decided to give me another go around. They now list me as a “regular contributor”, which I’m quite inordinately chuffed about. Pick up the PDF of #007 here. Another poem about Ophelia! Don’t say I don’t take on varied subjects. The print edition may appear in the Fall, but the last one still didn’t appear yet, so who knows? That’s all for now, mes poules. Good evening!


Danse Macabre (cont.)

A poem of mine about a hawk, written in the spring of 2012, just went online at Danse Macabre. Exciting stuff coming in the next week or so.

Off the Coast

The summer 2013 issue of Off the Coast, “Calling Down Lightning”, is available to order here. Inside you’ll find a poem I wrote. Fun fact: Off the Coast, based in the bit of Maine closest to New Brunswick, is published further to the East than any other poetry magazine in the US. Also, I happen to be going on a trip to Maine in a matter of days.

Cover image, Summer 2013 issue, photo: Eleanor Leone Bennett

Agave Magazine Issue 1

Two new poems of mine grace the pages of Agave Magazine‘s first issue, which you can read as a PDF. The first is a conflagration of the Odilon Redon painting “Ophelia” and one of my favourite scenes from the John Cassavetes movie Love Streams. The second takes Gauguin’s 1890 painting “Nirvana” as its subject.


Danse Macabre

Just a cheeky little one : my translation of Rimbaud’s “Vénus anadyomène” just went online at Danse Macabre‘s wordpress annex.