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Small Po[r]tions Issue 5

New journal Small Po[r]tions just featured a pome of my in its fifth issue. Never thought the phrase “satan’s fiery chub” would make it into black and white! Merci, messieurs! See here to browse online content and purchase the print issue here.

Really System Issue 6

I have the good fortune to have encountered indulgent editors in Really System; they just published the longest poem I’ve yet had in print. It’s actually something I wrote for my brother, as an attempt to rehash a theatre piece we were working on. The subject was a gloomy, old-man Alexander the Great, transplanted into a gloomy, old-man seaside town in the south of England. In the original incarnation, Alexander is swallowed by an apocalyptic storm. In this version, which I wrote in verse, the apocalypse is more in his mind than in reality.

YAY! LA Magazine

Alright, so here‘s a very recent one, written in the miserable weather at the start of the month, and newly published by the very cheerful YAY! LA Magazine in honour of National Poetry Month. Hooray! It’s accompanied by lovely artwork by Tracie Cheng.


Bird’s Thumb Oct ’14

Here’s some stuff that came out five months ago in Bird’s Thumb. I just found out about this today, which was confusing. Anyway here they are: 412, 418.

(picture of bird thumb)

Off the Coast Vol. 20 No. 2

Off the Coast is a journal based way, way up in Robbinston, Maine. I’ve had work published with them before, and for their Spring 2014 issue they chose a poem I wrote when I was on a bit of an African kick. In a presumably coincidental development, the picture on the front cover is a cartoon of two ladies on bicycles looking at the outline of Great Britain, which is hovering above them in the sky. Not even weird.

Cover image, Spring 2014 issue, Ride Journal: Joe Waldron

Paper Nautilus

A poem I wrote in the Spring about seeing a big moon in some clouds is out now in this year’s edition of Paper Nautilus. Most importantly, check out the cover!

Electric Windmill Issue 7

The guys at Electric Windmill decided to give me another go around. They now list me as a “regular contributor”, which I’m quite inordinately chuffed about. Pick up the PDF of #007 here. Another poem about Ophelia! Don’t say I don’t take on varied subjects. The print edition may appear in the Fall, but the last one still didn’t appear yet, so who knows? That’s all for now, mes poules. Good evening!


Danse Macabre

Just a cheeky little one : my translation of Rimbaud’s “Vénus anadyomène” just went online at Danse Macabre‘s wordpress annex.

Vector Press Issue 2

The second issue of Vector Press is available to pre-order, and it contains three poems I wrote last year. Like a lot of what I was writing at the time, they use a lot of pastoral imagery. Genießen Sie!

RiverLit Vol. 3 Issue 2

The new issue of RiverLit will feature one of my recent poems, 306. For the next week, it’s available for pre-order at a reduced price.