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Really System Issue 6

I have the good fortune to have encountered indulgent editors in Really System; they just published the longest poem I’ve yet had in print. It’s actually something I wrote for my brother, as an attempt to rehash a theatre piece we were working on. The subject was a gloomy, old-man Alexander the Great, transplanted into a gloomy, old-man seaside town in the south of England. In the original incarnation, Alexander is swallowed by an apocalyptic storm. In this version, which I wrote in verse, the apocalypse is more in his mind than in reality.

A Clean, Well Lighted Place Vol. 5

A poem I wrote for the Adroit Journal summer workshop is being published in A Clean, Well-Lighted Place. It’s about a guy who waits out a huge storm on an island, taking shelter in an old shack. Any magazine named after a Hemingway short story is alright with me. Pick it up in print or digital here.

Update: the issue is now also available on Amazon.