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The Rotary Dial Issue 39

Hello old pals! It has been a long time since the last one of these. I am now a first-year English teacher and the publishing game has perceptibly slipped! Summer is coming soon, and I will be back on the horse. Here’s an oldish one that just came out in this month’s Rotary Dial. About Donald Rumsfeld. Kind of. You can get it here for a mere buck.

Also, as always, I love Canada. Thanks Canada

Elohi Gadugi Fall 2015

Beautiful day! Thanksgiving almost! Here’s a slim ornithological poem! Thanks! 584.

Enjoy the lovely cover art by Laurence Holden:

In the Mothering of All Things, 2015

Queen Mob’s Teahouse

Another quick one just flew up at Queen Mobs: link. Even includes a tiny interview at the bottom.

Really System Issue 6

I have the good fortune to have encountered indulgent editors in Really System; they just published the longest poem I’ve yet had in print. It’s actually something I wrote for my brother, as an attempt to rehash a theatre piece we were working on. The subject was a gloomy, old-man Alexander the Great, transplanted into a gloomy, old-man seaside town in the south of England. In the original incarnation, Alexander is swallowed by an apocalyptic storm. In this version, which I wrote in verse, the apocalypse is more in his mind than in reality.

Tribe Issue 32

I got a poem into the latest issue of Tribe, a London magazine of art, design, music, and writing. So much cool artwork to check out in this issue. Find me on p. 21. More soon! xxx


Hello all. Two of my translations of poems by Rilke just appeared in the new JMWW. Here and here. It’s a special translation-only issue, so lots of other goodies to check out. Bye for now!

Vayavya Issue 10: Monsoon

Vayavya is an online magazine out of the state of Jharkhand in eastern India. Their latest issue includes a couple of my poems. More Duke Ellington stuff and a quite flippant little poem about getting ready to leave the house. I am glad to be published outside of Europe and North America for the first time, and especially to be published in India. Indian Independence Day was ten days ago, and happened to be the day on which I got married. Our Indian caterers mentioned that to us some time before the date, and also pointed out that our decorations were orange, white and green, the colours of the Indian flag. Basically, it’s all India right now.

Uppagus Issue 7

New Uppagus is out and free for all to read, and it features a short symmetrical poem I wrote, here. Check out the charming illustrations of Denny Marshall — there’s a gallery of them on the main page. Lots of love, Owen.


Potluck Magazine

Three new poems just up at lovely fresh online mag Potluck. Hooray! Plenty of other stuff worth checking out there too. Link.


Free State Review Issue 4

New stuff in new issue of Free State Review (here’s the shop). It’s another poem based on a jazz song, in this case, Art Tatum’s version of “The Man I Love”. Sort of went on an astrophysics tangent with this one.