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Off the Coast Vol. 20 No. 2

Off the Coast is a journal based way, way up in Robbinston, Maine. I’ve had work published with them before, and for theirĀ Spring 2014 issue they chose a poem I wrote when I was on a bit of an African kick. In a presumably coincidental development, the picture on the front cover is a cartoon of two ladies on bicycles looking at the outline of Great Britain, which is hovering above them in the sky. Not even weird.

Cover image, Spring 2014 issue, Ride Journal: Joe Waldron

Off the Coast

The summer 2013 issue of Off the Coast, “Calling Down Lightning”, is available to order here. Inside you’ll find a poem I wrote. Fun fact: Off the Coast, based in the bit of Maine closest to New Brunswick, is published further to the East than any other poetry magazine in the US. Also, I happen to be going on a trip to Maine in a matter of days.

Cover image, Summer 2013 issue, photo: Eleanor Leone Bennett