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Tag: Les Fleurs du mal

Forge Issue 7.2

You can now view three of my poems online at Forge: 297, a translation of Baudelaire’s “Le Flacon”, 311, an ekphrasis poem based on an Emil Nolde painting, and 319, a little sketch of some robins fighting outside my window. All three are in the print edition, which is available at lulu.com.


Eunoia Review

Three new poems now online at Eunoia: 296, a translation of “Confession”, one of my favourite Baudelaire poems; 321, a little study of a tropical bird; 322, a piece based on one of Cézanne’s smaller “Bathers” paintings. Eunoia runs through WordPress, so if you like the work, give it an up or a reblog. Cheers!


Electric Windmill Issue 6

You can now download a free PDF of the latest offering from Electric Windmill Press, featuring three of my poems, including a translation of “Spleen” from Baudelaire’s Fleurs du mal. The print version will be available in May.