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Whisperings Vol. 2 Issue 2

The summer issue of Whisperings is out, containing the next eight poems in their current serialisation of Afterworks. The poems in this set are based on paintings by Cézanne, Picasso, Sérusier, Toulouse-Lautrec and others. See Magcloud to view the whole issue online, download it as a free PDF, or order a print copy.


Pacifica Vol. 1 Issue 2

Pacifica have just rolled out their new website and with it their new issue, into which I managed to sneak a poem written while I was working on Afterworks, and a more recent translation of a Rimbaud poem (about Napoleon III’s disappointed career ambitions, of all things). The former is still available to read on the new website, which is very pretty. The latter you’ll have to cough up for. The launch party got a nice write-up in Seattle’s The Stranger.


Whisperings Vol. 2 Issue 1

The new issue of Whisperings from Mountain Tales Press just hit the shelves, and it features the first eight poems of Afterworks, a series of twenty-five ekphrasis poems. You can order the new issue in both digital and print forms via Magcloud. The plan is to serialise all twenty-five poems from the chapbook in Whisperings, so watch this space in the coming months for more material.